About 3A Media

3A Media is marketing and branding solutions provider that empowers brands to actively engage with the consumer. We create and execute comprehensive marketing strategies by understanding our clients’ business objectives, staying up to date with current technologies and having deep insights and knowledge on consumer behaviour to provide clients with relevant solutions.

Our multi-disciplinary team’s ability to synthesize and unify business, marketing, design and technology together as one compelling package for our clients, has allowed us to deliver solutions that are comprehensive, organic and effective. Instead of  working with multiple agencies and/or consultants, our clients only have to deal with us, one single point of contact to get the entire campaign launched. This has resulted in better communication, long-term partnerships and a fun growth process for both our clients and us.

We are stoked by challenges that gets our creative juices flowing, and we are ready to make your brand awesome.

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For the curious, we have been asked this question numerous times, what is the story behind the name “3A Media?” It’s simple. When the company was first founded, we worked out of my apartment then, which was unit #3A. There is no special acronym or meaning to the As. Interestingly enough, a few of my friends, also coincidentally, live in apartments with the same unit number. 


Making Awesome!

We are a passionate group of creators, thinkers, innovators, strategists, entrepreneurs… who strongly believe in delivering solutions that are organic, engaging and effective for your brand. By combining our diverse skills of strategy, technology, creative and media, we have the ingredients to make your brand awesome!