Branding Your Kids…

One of the services we offer at 3A Media, is helping our clients to brand their products. However, as the media and business landscape evolves, more and more, we are receiving requests to brand not products but people. That’s right branding people. Of course in the world of sports and entertainment, it is nothing new. Think Jessica Simpson, J.Lo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael Jordan etc. All these people besides having multiple lines of products with their name attached it, they also represent an ideal that is aspiring to the consumer.

Having what makes it even more incredible to us as a learning experience is, it is NEVER too young to start branding. We have the pleasure of working with the Ministry of Fashion & Entertainment (MIFE) on their latest talk series, Branding Your Kids… in Fashion. It got us thinking, how would parents position their children in the highly competitive world of modelling? Would it be like children’s pageants that we see on Toddlers & Tiaras? Or would it be more in the lines of stage moms pushing their kids relentlessly to secure the next paying gig?

Whatever the road may be, we do think for parents wanting their children to enter the competitive world, it is important to brand their children from to start. Establish a consistent identity. Have  an engaging story about your child, and excite the casting agent and the client why they want your child in their next ad campaign. Last year, Target cast a boy with Down Syndrome in their ad campaign after appearing in a Nordstrom catalogue earlier.

Branding is no longer just for products. It now extends to personalities, the very young, and old. For more information about the event, visit


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