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Google Chromecast


Despite what every television manufacturer out there has attempted in creating Smart television, most of them are pretty limited in their functionalities. The closest personally, is AppleTV, but that is still not perfect. Google’s latest attempt to invade the living room, after its previously failed attempt with GoogleTV was to come up with its own hardware device. A simple HDMI port plugin that you can practically use with any television out there. At $35 each, it is definitely price tempting compared to other solutions out there such as Roku or AppleTV. However, can this device really makes your television a little smarter?


Apple’s “Exploding” iPod Ad

This just came in this morning, Apple is running a series of online creative featuring 3D “exploding” iPods on various websites. We took a quick look and it was impressive. What made it even more interesting to us is this was NOT done in FLASH and probably in HTML5. We are suspecting Canvas but not sure. We will take a peek at the code some time when we can.

Apple is streaming its keynote “live” via AppleTV

In HD no less. Is this going to be the future of television? We think it will be where every time is on demand and multi-platform.

Of course, if don’t have AppleTV, you can always watch online.

Imagine if every broadcaster and content provider are to have their own “channel” on AppleTV? Some already are on the other iOS device- iPhone, iPad etc. that would eventually render cable service providers obsolete.

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