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We could not be more excited to help our lovely friend, Georgie Badiel, in creating a website for her. Here’s a holding page. Nothing exciting at the moment, but trust us, it will be amazing! Check out


Designing for a multi-screen world

Mobify today released an interesting infographic on the diversity of screen sizes and resolutions and how it can be a nightmare for web designers and developers. We enjoyed the read, and thought we share it. Fascinating!



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Pass the Note This Holiday Season…

We’ve spent most of our Thanksgiving week working on 2 different projects, one of which we were very excited to launch today. As part of the ongoing campaign to increase awareness on the importance of music education in public schools, VH1 Save the Music continued its #Passthe Note campaign with a holiday themed page.

Accompanying the page, was an excerpt from Christmas Time Is In The Air Again by Mariah Carey, who is one of the new Ambassadors for VH1 Save The Music Foundation.

The one page was created in HTML5 mostly with CSS and Javascripting. To view the full page, go to to experience it yourself. The design for the holiday campaign was also carried over to social media sites- Twitter and Facebook. Check out the screen grabs.



Apple’s “Exploding” iPod Ad

This just came in this morning, Apple is running a series of online creative featuring 3D “exploding” iPods on various websites. We took a quick look and it was impressive. What made it even more interesting to us is this was NOT done in FLASH and probably in HTML5. We are suspecting Canvas but not sure. We will take a peek at the code some time when we can.

#Passthenote @VH1SaveTheMusic

So the campaign teaser has officially launched. Stay tuned for the next few days to find out what it is all about. Your call to action: Tweet about it using the hashtag #Passthenote.


Visit to learn more.

Sneak peek of our hobby…

From time to time, our designers take their free time to work on their hobbies that sometimes become full blown projects. We are excited about this little hobby that is going to become an actual project that we are focusing on at our leisure. Things are shaping up, and we will share more when we have all the legal stuff covered.

Design Trends: Responsive design

In today’s world where consumers are visiting your website using multiple devices, with multiple screen resolutions, it is often challenging to come up with a website that will fit all. Until very recently, websites have created mobile versions of their websites with the design wrapped around the viewing device’s resolution. However, with the introduction of HTML5, the trend in the recent years has been a move to a more fluid design, whereby elements on the webpage adjust and reposition themselves according to the size of the screen resolution.

A good example: check out our website. On our homepage, if you are viewing it on an iPad, in portrait mode, our portfolio will appear in 2 rows. In landscape, the portfolio thumbnails resizes themselves. On a desktop or laptop where screen resolutions are even higher, you will see more items on our portfolio move and shrink or grow according to the browser window size. That is responsive design. The website rearranges itself according to your device.

Many website are adopting this design trend and we will see more as websites need to cater to a variety of screens. Responsive design is a great solution for flexibility and a big time and money saver. Instead of spending more creating separate versions of your website for different screens, create just one version that will scale.



Exciting progress

At 3A Media, from time to time, our incredible team will come up with something which we find totally cool and fun to focus our energies on. Well, the fun project we have been working on for a while, is coming close to fruition and we are very excited. The only thing we can share for now is that we look forward for it to hit a major online retailer once we figure out the logistics.

Follow us on Twitter, @3AmediaNYC, to stay up-to-date with this fun little project we are working on.



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