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Show Reel for Steph Watts

Besides being a friend, Steph Watts, is a also a well-know tv personality and producer specialising in crime and justice journalism. So it was our pleasure when he approached us to help him to quickly update his show reel and the entire thing was completed over 2 days.

Check it out.

StephWatts from 3A Media, Inc. on Vimeo.

“True Love has a colour and a name…” and it has a beautiful marketing piece to it

I am an advocate of long-form commercials. I think they tell a better story, and engages the viewer/consumer a whole lot more versus the traditional 30 second spot. However, not many advertisers can afford to undertake the costs of the media buy, particularly at primetime or some other major tentpole event. Yet, brands are finding innovative way of getting around by debuting their long-form content on YouTube. Tie that in with social media, you’ve got yourself a fan base of consumers who are loyal and hungry to know more about what your brand is about.

Cartier is one of those brands who traditionally, in the US market steers away from television media buy opting mostly in print, and some online buys from my observation. However, I have also noticed they have an amazing YouTube channel featuring innovative ads, and original video content not found else where. What Cartier is creating as a brand is not just luxury goods, but also content where they produce and own, and judging from the number of views some of their videos have accumulated, the numbers are pretty impressive.

Yesterday, Cartier released their latest creative in the form of a romantic short film, Destinée, to launch their engagement ring, starring an international cast. Shot beautifully with the Eiffel Tower in the background, the film takes place at a wedding party where 2 former lovers meet, and the man, perhaps affected by the romance, upon seeing his ex-girlfriend, dashes off to the Cartier store and bought a diamond ring. I’ve got to admit, the short film got me misty eyed, and this is where Cartier succeeds with its brand message of romance, and more importantly in not a subtle manner, the message “True love has a colour and a name” We can all guess what that name is.

According to French Vogue, Destinee was inspired by an earlier Cartier design, the Solitaire 1895, and let’s face it, it is a big piece of bling.

On a personal note, what resonated with me about this film? It is in 3 languages that I speak! English, French and Mandarine. Not very often do I get to hear all 3 languages come together within a span of about 7 minutes. You can check out the video here.



In Conversation with… Emily Noelle Lambert

We are very excited to continue our partnership with Lu Magnus by creating a series of interviews around artists who have had their exhibitions held there.

Interview with Emily Noelle Lambert from 3A Media, Inc. on Vimeo.

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