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We could not be more excited to help our lovely friend, Georgie Badiel, in creating a website for her. Here’s a holding page. Nothing exciting at the moment, but trust us, it will be amazing! Check out


Check this cool creative on Facebook from Dunhill

We have all seen brands using their Facebook albums to post their ads. They are mostly poster type, and static, and probably variations of a creative. However this one from Alfred Dunhill and Rally Nippon in Japan tops it all. Rather than being another album full of static ads, the creative took a series of stop-motion images and compiled them into an album. The user has to keep clicking on Next to see the full motion of the creative and it can be fun but carpal tunnel inducing. However this being Facebook, we did experience some glitches occasionally ruining the stop motion experience. Still by the mere fact that we are tapping on our MacBook Pros to keep the image moving says a lot of user engagement.

Check it out here.


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#PasstheNote Sounds Off VH1 Save The Music Foundation’s Ambassador Class of 2013

So after weeks of planning, we are very excited to be part of the launch for VH1 Save The Music Foundation’s Ambassador Class of 2013 featuring Mariah Carey, Andy Grammer, B.o.B., Robin Thicke, LeAnn Rimes, Matchbox 20, Henrik Lundqvist and Ingrid Michaelson. The campaign kicked off with a teaser, #Passthenote on November 10th on and over the weekend, gained momentum in Twitterverse.

The Gift of Revenge… by Target + Neiman Marcus

Last night’s episode of Revenge featured an integrated marketing campaign that we have not seen in a very long time. Retailers, Target and Neiman Marcus, showcased their holiday collection by featuring its items in the show’s story arc (albeit without brand mentions) and an extended content that ran throughout the commercial pods during the broadcast. Back in October, AdAge had ran an article announcing the partnership launch for the holiday season. In this age of DVR, where consumers no longer watch :30 spots, personally we find long form commercials worked better in terms of engagement, creative values and recall.

Aptly entitled “The Gift of Revenge” the creative features various cast members, (None of the leads were featured- Emily Van Camp, Madeleine Stowe etc. Perhaps they come across as too vengeful/villainous as characters for a holiday campaign), receiving mysterious gifts and an invitation to be at a certain place at a certain time. During each commercial pod, a different character or characters was featured to carefully showcase the organic aspect of the retailers with the creative. I.e. The first pod featured the characters Jack and fake “Amanda”- the happy couple sitting at some fancy dinner restaurant. The next pod featured Charlotte, trying on dresses but finding nothing fits, and then mysteriously receiving a gift with the perfect dress inside. It’s by Lela Rose for those curious. Pretty much the creative is the same formula. By the last commercial pod, the cast, together with extras all gathered at some secret location where they were treated to a pop-rock performance and all is revealed together with more must-buys from Target and Neiman Marcus.

The campaign went beyond on-air as we did a checked this morning with a social media aspect on Twitter, #GiftofRevenge being displayed on the lower third during in-programming time  and even the actor Gabriel Mann, tweeting in character as Nolan Ross, and on Facebook, a branded photo gallery featuring products from the creative, as well as videos featuring products shot in the same treatment from the Gift of Revenge theme.




More videos, featuring brands from Neiman Marcus and Target, as well as from the show, Revenge, can be found on their respective YouTube channels and

From a strategy point of view, this is a great way to generate buzz, especially amongst fans of the ABC show. By starting off on-air and directing the attention online, social media and in-store, the retailers are extending the brand of the show- namely the “Hamptons” lifestyle and glamour into its holiday campaign in a way that viewers and consumers can aspire and have a reference to. (As an FYI, the show is actually filmed in North Carolina, hence we tend to giggle a little bit every time they show exterior shots which totally is far from the Hamptons landscape.) However, by selling the concept that consumers too can have a “Revenge” holiday, “The Gift of Revenge” et al, it is treading on thin ice and may put off holiday traditionalists. Personally, we are not sure if we should be excited if we are to receive a gift of revenge, cold or hot, but we do applaud the double entendre usage of the word revenge.  Also, by carefully selecting the more likeable and “innocent” characters- i.e. Jack, Nolan, Charlotte, to be featured versus the main characters (Emily, Victoria, Conrad etc.) who are more insidious, makes the creative more friendly, though it would be interesting to see the treatment the creative will give them.

In terms of execution, we think audiences would appreciate it given that there are less commercials to deal with, and the commercials themselves continued the story arc of the series organically, which engages them.

What do you think? Sound off your thoughts with us on our  Facebook book wall.


Tweeting & Pinning

Social media have come a long way with online tools that engages audiences with interactivity. Twitter allows the brand to send out short messages to its followers, while Pinterest is a kin to a show and tell. Both are easy to use, simple and does not try to be all encompassing. So follow us, @3AmediaNYC. Trust us, we will be tweeting and chirping a lot.

We are on Facebook!

Although we have been in business for 4 years already, we have never really established ourselves on Facebook. So finally, it is time. Social media plays such an integral part of today’s brands and businesses. It is a platform for customers and consumers to communicate with the brand. Think of it as a more engaging form of customer service. By having social media presence, brands are communicating to their consumers that they are here to listen and be involved in the conversation. So go check us out on Facebook, and “Like” us.


Making Awesome!

We are a passionate group of creators, thinkers, innovators, strategists, entrepreneurs… who strongly believe in delivering solutions that are organic, engaging and effective for your brand. By combining our diverse skills of strategy, technology, creative and media, we have the ingredients to make your brand awesome!