Child of the 90s… We Like It!

For years, Microsoft’s commercials were awful. After being mocked by Apple for about half a decade, Microsoft responded with a series of its “I’m a PC” ads starring Jerry Seinfeld, and Bill Gates which were awkward at best. To make matters worse, Microsoft’s series of product launches were met with setups- Project Longhorn, which eventually became Windows Vista, was late in delivery, and faced with hardware compatibility issues when launched. Internet Explorer became riddled with viruses, spyware and what nots. Overall, it was not good being Microsoft with all the negative publicity surrounding it. Things did somewhat improve slowly by the time Windows 8 launched, but the brand was already tarnished.

Having said all that, Microsoft recently released a new commercial for Internet Explorer that had us swimming in nostalgia. Entitled “Child of the 90s,” The creative is smart, witty, and most of us, it reminded us of a simpler time. Before our mobile devices and the internet took over our lives. It had us smiling. It had us going “awwwww!” It reminded us of our childhood and nothing sells better than nostalgia. Check it out.

Frankly speaking, the way the messaging goes is very Apple.  It connects the viewer/consumer not so much with the technology inside but rather how your life can be transformed because of it. Apple has demonstrated this effective way of messaging over and over.

In addition to the commercial, Microsoft has also created a website- to support the marketing push. Our only pet peeve with the site is the section “It’s Really Good Now” which features an introductory video about IE that does not seem to fit into the flow and branding of the website.

Still, standing on its own, we love Child of the 90s. It is clever, fun and reminded us that we were young once.

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