HP + MTV Global Partnership:
Meet or Delete

Meet or Delete was a campaign created by MTV for HP to help launch their new marketing campaign, The Computer is Personal Again. The goal was to highlight to consumers the Personal in PCs by demonstrating the types of files we store in our computers- photos, music, documents, etc. and our emotional attachment to them.

MTV created, Meet or Delete, and use it to highlight HP’s campaign message. Each episode features a protagonist eliminating candidates from a variety of social situations and interactions- i.e. dates, dance partners, room mates etc. by going through the files on their personal computers.

The campaign kicked off on-air and was extended online through a custom co-branded website- meetordelete.com where additional content and links to HP products can be found. On the ground, HP worked with MTV and hosted a series of campus events around the world where college students can experience HP products first hand.

The campaign ran globally in North America, Latin America, Europe and the Asia Pacific. Each participating region further contributed to the program by creating localised versions of Meet or Delete and was aired around the world, and on meetordelete.com.

The success of year 1, expanded the program into year 2, with more episodes of Meet or Delete from around the world and new components added to the campaign.


This project was done while Kelvin Chen was still an employee at Viacom Plus.


Date: 05/01/2007 Client: MTV Networks International Skills: Branding, Marketing & Sales, Strategy, Video

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