National Provider Network

National Provider Network (NPN) is an online medical billing application. From the company’s inception, 3A Media developed a consistent look and feel for the brand, one that will appeal to doctors and medical billers alike. We have to strike a balance between professionalism and yet, show the human side through the design to accurate represent the brand.


For the brand’s identity, National Provider Network wanted to create a look that is obvious. We’ve incorporated the plus symbol, into the logo to represent the medical aspects of the business, but added 2 more plus symbols in a more abstract manner to highlight the billing/accounting aspect of the brand. We’ve also added a series of bar code stripes around the logo to feature the technological aspect of the business.


The website’s main function is to serve as an online brochure and resource of National Provider Network. We wanted to create a website that is clean, but with hints of quirkiness through doodles and sticky notes to reflect what goes on at the front desk of a typical medical office. The website also serves as a gateway to the company’s cloud application.


To create a truly unified look and feel to the NPN brand, we worked with their application development team to come up with a GUI that is consistent and easy-to-use. The result was an application that is integrated, and distinct to the NPN brand.


Date: 03/01/2010 Client: National Provider Network Skills: Branding, Development, Marketing & Sales, Strategy, Web Design Website:

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