3A Media developed a comprehensive plan to reintroduce PowerIce to consumers. As part of the strategy, we created new marketing materials to freshen up the brand, as well as updating the website from 100% Flash driven to HTML5 compliant.

As part of an overall marketing campaign strategy to get PowerIce to pro-athletes and the target demographic, we executed sampling events, including the Jewish Renaissance Medical Centre Block Party, the Little League Tee Ball Tournament at Gracie Mansion, and co-hosting a series of Monday Night Football viewing parties at the Samsung Experience. For Monday Night Football Viewing Parties, the event lasted 10 weeks, and each was attended by celebrities, pro-athletes and fans, who got together to enjoy the game on the big screen while crunching PowerIce.

To further our work with the brand, we also created a series of mockups for a new logo, and packaging for the product.


Date: 09/12/2011 Client: PowerIce Skills: Branding, Marketing & Sales, Strategy

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